Chocolate Fountain

We have chocolate fountain on hire. From small fountains with 3 tiers to larger fountains with 6 tiers, we are certain that these fountains will bring a classy addition to your event mehndi, wedding, party or even corporate event. We offer dark chocolate and white chocolate for your guests but also a range of different edibles such as fruits, marshmallows and even cones.

Bouncy Castle

We have contractors who can provide the best prices for bouncy castle hire for general parties such as birthdays. We have had set ups inside and outside of venues – wherever you need it we can it there for you even if it’s for your own back garden. Children (and even adults!) can have lots of fun during your event by bouncing on the castle.

Popcorn Machine

As one of many extended hire machines available for a variety of events, we have a popcorn machine which can produce fresh instant popcorn for your guests. We will provide the machine and an attendant to produce and serve the popcorn in a cone for children and adults. It’s a fun and new way of keeping guests entertained during the long period of breaks during the mehndi, wedding, party or corporate event.

Candyfloss Machine

As an extra addition to your mehndi, wedding or private party, we at Asian Eye Events can provide a candy floss machine. This is a great attraction for all guests at a party and we will provide relevant and required service staff to ensure that the machine is operated to give the best quality candy floss. Enjoy nice fluffy light and colourfulcandyfloss!

Water Displays

Create a natural display of smooth flowing water is a great way of bring a ‘wow’ factor to your event. With the ability of being placed anywhere in your venue, we can provide water features and displays which would look and sound amazing especially with the correct lighting. It would genuinely bring a touch of soothing sparkle to your mehndi wedding party or corporate event.

We have a range of styles from glass wall based to steel frame structure based water fall and features.

Fruit Display

A traditional element to any mehndi or wedding is a fruit display. Made out of fresh fruits of your choice whether it be apples, bananas, red or green grapes, mangoes or pineapples.  They are very colorful and vibrant so will stand out at your venue hall. We have made various shape fruit displays from palm trees to swan shape displays. The displays take many hours to produce so why not leave it to our expert fruit display artists and we will deliver it to you at the location of your choice. They are of course all edible!

Tent & Marquee Hire

We have tents and marquees available for hire at your home or at a venue of your choice. These are popular as they create extra entertainment space for your guests. We can make the tent or marquee to a size which accommodates the number of guests you want. The tent and marquees will have a solid metal frame structure, be weatherproof, will have the option of allowing natural light in, and will have a power supply available for any devices which you may require.