Mehndi Stages

With international links to external suppliers, we have expanded on our mehndi stages for our customers. With our attention to detail, we can infuse the colours of your choice to create an eye catching mehndi stage which you and your guests at your mehndi will be fond of. With the right lighting and bright mehndi colours, we can create traditional, modern and sleek looks from the mehndi stage that you want. Pillows, petals, flowers, cushions to traditional ornaments, umbrellas and rich embroidery cloth – we are certain that we have a mehndi stage look that we can bring to life just for you. We also have the ability to create Arabian and Moroccan stages which bring a magical atmosphere to any event.

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Wedding Stages

Just like our mehndi stages, we can further intensify the grandeur of your venue with a mesmerising wedding stage. It’s the masterpiece of the day with photo’s gatherings and the centre of attention being around the wedding stage.

Originality is the key to success with our wedding stages. We’ve recently invested in new stage designs which are just beginning to be seen in the UK.

We have a range of different effects to choose from which include varying backdrops, crystal walls, canopies, candle lit settings, range of pillar arrangement designs, traditional wedding stages to antique gold look effect stages.

If you have seen a stage which you want, we can create it for you and even adjust it to compliment your colour scheme, venue and personal preferences which you may have.

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Backdrops form the backbone of the stages that any customer wants. We provide backdrops which are made of flowers, crystals, LED’s, candle lit and even mirrors. We have backdrop items in stock and available for Mehndi’s, Weddings and private events.


Every table for any occasion needs a centrepiece item which will amaze your guests. For our mehndi’s, weddings, parties and corporate events, we have centre pieces to give you the theme and profile which is required.

We stock a massive range of centrepieces. These include floral displays, crystal trees, themed centre pieces, trees, bridal bouquets, candelabras, candles, silk flowers, LED centre pieces and more. Further to this there are vases, balloons and very artistic and classical centrepieces.

If you have a centrepiece in mind then we will be happy to obtain and provide them for you at your special event.

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Chair Cover & Linen

Venues can provide chairs but they can’t always provide the ideal chair cover and sachet combination. For any event from Mehndi, Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events, we can deliver and set up chair covers and sachets depending on your requirements. Whether it be a small event to a large event, we have freshly laundered chair covers in different colours as well as sachets in different designs to enhance your event and eye appeal from your guests. This service item is a must have for any formal event which you are wanting to hold.

Chaise Lounges & Furniture

We have established good external links to bring in new and exciting pieces of furniture which you may want to purchase from ourselves. These items are perfect for any type of wedding such as Mehndi, Wedding, parties or corporate events but are items which can give a real touch of class to your own home. With different coloured furniture from gold, silver, ivory to different effects such as oak wood or leather. We have chaise lounges to suit you, your event and bring a elegance to your memories.

Cocktail Bars

Cocktail bars are great for any event with the drinks served being of your choice. This service item can easily be placed in a small area at your chosen venue whether it be Mehndi, Wedding, party or corporate event. We can illuminate it to a colour of your choice and decorate the area with flowers. It could really stand out at your event.


We have the ability to provide a bridal Doli for mehndi and weddings for extravagant entrances and exits of the bride to and from the venue. The Doli will be at the venue awaiting your arrival or used when you finish at your event. What better way to celebrate your special occasion than using this traditional method in arriving or leaving being carried by your brothers or close relatives.

Draping & Starcloth

Drapes and Starcloth are an excellent way to change your venue into a concealed area and give it a soothing atmosphere. Large sheets of material arranged in a decorative way with lighting will truly uplift your venue. It can also be used to conceal any unwanted parts of your venue or even create gateways at the venue or at the brides or grooms house.

Flower Decoration

We have flower decorations in ample amounts to decorate stages, cake tables, dining tables and walls. We have had numerous customers who have had flower based venues backgrounds and stages at their mehndi, wedding or parties. As we have had an overwhelming experience in arranging flowers in elegant ways, we would definitely be able to create a flower based masterpiece of your or at your event that would bring a natural burst to your guests.

Glass Staging

We are able to offer LED glass staging at any venue of your choice. Being fully walkable on, it would shine and glimmer during any bride and groom entrance to the venue and stage. Custom LED lights underneath the glass stage would be a great way of adjusting to your colour theme. The stage is just not for a mehndi or wedding but can easily be incorporated into a party for you own entertainment or to create a dancefloor.

Cake & Accessories

For any mehndi, wedding or private event, a cake is essential to meet the expectations of the guests arriving at your event. To save you the hassle of worrying about sub-contracting a cake supplier to cater for your guests, we can take this responsibility and worry from you can deliver a cake of your expectations. We work with local cake suppliers but also our in-house baking suppliers to provide three plus tier wedding cakes, fresh cream cakes, cupcakes and even deserts with a twist. We will strive to provide the best price and the best tasting cake with a standard in line with what you would expect from any cake shop.


Balloons are items essential for events such as birthday parties, private events or corporate events. We have in stock capability to supply large quantities of balloons as well as inflate them with our in house staff. What about balloons at the centre of each table during a mehndi or wedding? There is a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to what we can do with balloons and their design during any event. We’ve seen it work as the balloons we have are of varying types but as well as different colours. Maybe even a floating collection of balloons at the end of your event with all your guests watching the balloons fly to the sky.

Table Cloth & Napkins

A necessity to say the least, we have a vast variety of table cloths and napkins in different colours for mehendi, wedding, parties and corporate events. The material is of very high quality and will be presented in a nice manner on the guest tables. We are very competitive on price in this area and have a reputable service in providing this at a great standard along with our chair covers and sachets.


Crystal, Drape, Wooden and Antique Mandaps. We have a range of Mandaps and Mandap setups which we have personally created for existing customers during their wedding, mehndi’s and private events. With beautiful pillars, circular arrangements, fantastic calligraphy and decorations along with vibrant colours, we have expertise in providing the ideal Mandap of your choice for your special occasion.

Walkways & Entrance Décor

Enter your venue and stage in style with our mehndi and wedding walkways that we create using our walkway carpet, pillars and any wanted accessories such as candles, candelabras, crystals and even fresh flowers. We also have lanterns and ornaments in stock which you can choose from. LED walkways are also available. We’ll also use our expertise to match the walkway with your stage and venue to ensure it all looks part of a fantastic package.

House Lighting

Asian Eye Events can arrange for house lighting as part of any packages that you plan with us. We will ensure house lights are installed whether it be externally or internally at your property at a design of your choice. The lights can be hired for extended periods during mehndi’s and weddings as we understand that these events can go on for a couple of weeks with all the guests that can potentially attend. The lights would certainly look a great glow and brighten up your house to give a strong message to all your neighbours and guests that a special event is occurring!

Waiter Service

Asian Eye Events have in-house catering and waiting stuff that we use for all our events. They are fully trained and well presented at all our events as well as being punctual. They all have experience in serving customers catered food and work as waiters elsewhere during the normal week. We can supply them to any event or venue depending on your requirements.

DJ & Dhol Player

As with every private party, we are accustomed to hiring our external DJ and Dhol players. We have good links with many DJ & Dhol players who cover a range of our events whether it be Mehndi, Wedding or private parties. They will liven up the atmosphere at your event with your choice of music and any Dhol players will give a spectacular entrance.